Be sociable!

2/04/2015 - Posted by Roshelle Curtis

What are you up to this Easter long weekend? Plans with friends? Going away with loved ones? Catching up with family? Taking a vacation from all of the above? Either way, we’ll all know what everyone is up to on social media! …It’s the new way to keep informed – even if you don’t want to be! However, it’s grown from a social application to a business tool – so no matter the case, you and your business (…or in this case everyone’s business) don’t want to be left behind!

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If your company isn’t taking advantage of social media, you’re missing a whole window of opportunity. And let’s be frank – opportunity is not knocking as regularly in Perth these days! Don’t miss out on generating a more social relationship with your customers. It’s all about Public Relations and rapport. It could almost be considered the new ambush marketing, because you’re targeting your clientele when their guard is lower (unexpectedly popping up in their feed, shared by loyal fans) – not to be tactical about it! But sometimes you have to be! …However, it needs to be approached in the right way.

It’s all about value adding to your business for your regular clients – to keep them up to date, assist them with helpful information, and provide them with an extension to your service, which enriches their customer experience in some way. If this sounds like too much work or you’re not sure how to even tackle it or set these systems in place – then PSE can guide you through the politically correct ever changing trends that are the online social media sphere. There are many options out there, and certain social media channels that may suit your target market better. PSE can set up your systems, so that your staff can steer your company through the ocean of possibilities. Confused? Let us introduce you to the social mediums that best suit you and your business!

PSE wishes you, your family and colleagues a safe and happy Easter! Use your downtime to explore what’s out there in this wide world… And if you get time, add us on social media to stay up to date on us – else, keep us posted on your plans, in case we can help? We’ll keep an eye out for you!


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