Content Marketing – More important than you think?

28/05/2015 - Posted by Roshelle Curtis

Has your company got an integrated content marketing strategy? With everyone busy multitasking and on the go nowadays, mobile traffic equals around half of web traffic overtaking desktop. Websites need to size content to screens (avoid scrolling horizontally and show text readable without zooming), avoid any software not common on mobiles (like Flash), and place links apart to easily tap. After Google’s ‘mobile-friendly’ webpage changes discussed a few blog entries back, a website is no longer enough. If two sites have equal quality content, the mobile-friendlier will rank higher. However, content may end up being the differentiator in future Google algorithm changes.

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How can Google+ profiles & social media help?

According to a Business News article this week, an assessment of the top 20 WA private and top 20 WA public industrial companies indicated that over half had not even invested in making their homepage mobile-friendly. However, it had also noted that Google reinforced the intent of search query is still a very strong signal, so even if a page isn’t mobile-friendly, if it has high quality query content, it could still rank high. This article also quoted a MOZ case study outlining that if a business receives 100 followers on Google+ it receives almost 15% increased ranking. So if a company updates on Google+ and receives significant likes or shares its ranking on Google will increase. Link sharing still plays a role, with shares through social media taken into account in Google searches.

Online word-of-mouth leads/referrals – What to focus on?

Website content should not be forgotten amongst all the recent changes. Useful and relevant content can give companies a competitive advantage. Across multiple integrated platforms, businesses can gain loyal followers on their social media pages, who can act as brand ambassadors, by referring your company to their network, via sharing or liking your attractive or interesting content. It’s the new form of word of mouth – so ensure your business is taking advantage of these free brand ambassadors on social media, by focussing on your content marketing strategy to them. Is it time to put this in place for your business? If so – the experts at PSE can help!

website, design, software, seo, blog, company, Perth, Pascoes

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