Breakthrough clutter - Target clients in new social mediums

4/06/2015 - Posted by Roshelle Curtis

Are you using Instagram and Pinterest to their fullest? Don’t forget the less prominent social media avenues. Depending on your industry and product – they can reach your target market in a more subtle way, and be a better avenue to get across your message. For instance for retail product and food industries, Instagram and Pinterest work well to attract attention to your product, through visual image based attention-seeking methods – creating brand awareness and growing potential client bases.

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Tried Twitter Direct Messages?

Aside from getting brand recognition, other social media such as Twitter now offer Direct Messages which enables you to have private conversations with Twitter followers – whether they be friends, groups, or favourite businesses or suppliers. Tweets can be shared straight from your Twitter timeline via Direct Message to announce breaking news, sales, promotions, or other useful information. Likewise, the Direct Message button can be used on profiles to start conversations to connect with anyone or start conversations with individuals or businesses.

Wikipedia - Watch how far you take your PR!

Online mediums such as Wikipedia should be treated very carefully, as just this week The Age reported on a Fairfax Media investigation of Victorian police editing Wikipedia pages. Government political staff have been caught out in such PR methods previously – but it’s important to note that Wikipedia only records IP addresses of edits made by anonymous users – which means registered accounts can make less obvious edits. However, such tactics tread a very fine line when it comes to correcting information, or attempting to adjust public opinion. In Liam Mannix’s June 1st article in The Age online, the police spokesman was reported as having said that police were considering developing policies around Wikipedia edits. This may be a necessity for all companies to consider, within their public relations, media or social media arms – as this highlights how such tactics can have the reverse effect on public opinion, by highlighting the very things staff may be attempting to resolve.

Do you want to explore new social mediums and online avenues for your business? Talk to PSE to discuss what we can offer.


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