Top Three Digital Trends of 2015… Who’s winning?

2/07/2015 - Posted by Roshelle Curtis

As the financial year draws to a close, it’s time to review the current digital marketing trends that have surfaced, or are still expected to over 2015. We’re at the half way mark for the year, so what are the most significant outcomes for digital currently? Let’s focus on Gold, Silver and Bronze…

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1) GOLD – Social Media means you can’t get away with anything…

Social Media has allowed a forum for friends and like-minded public to gather and air their grievances more widely than ever before. This is picked up by TV, newspaper and radio news more frequently than previous years. As a company and brand this means that all aspects of operation are being more heavily scrutinised, than prior to the digital stronghold. Reactions need to be proactive rather than reactive – so action is swift, and PR is heightened – as you need to be prepared for the unexpected. It’s important to be completely transparent, and to reinforce your company policies throughout organisations – as the smallest error of judgement, by the most junior of staff can see global repercussions – just like the ‘Butterfly effect’ theory. All aspects need to be covered within potential crisis management plans and social media management. Social media review responses need to be attentive and empathetic, to ensure potential negative publicity is minimised, before too much traction gathers. Micromanagement is not always a dirty word… Well maybe not in this case!

2) SILVER – As expected, responsive mobile-optimised content is key!

Google changed its search algorithms to prioritise mobile-friendly content within search rankings. So if you haven’t already – convert your website to ensure it’s not penalised. PSE can quote you on this!

3) BRONZE – Google conditions for immediacy in all aspects – data, response & purchase!

As evidenced in the Sensis Report covered in last week’s blog entry, research is showing that customers are on the go, and using their mobiles more regularly to access websites and social media. This includes fact-finding when making decisions and online purchases. Google research has shown that 82% of smartphone users do research on their phone, prior to making buying decisions in store. 62% of smartphone users are likely to take action to solve a problem after accessing their phone. 90% of smartphone users use their phones to make progress towards an objective whilst out and about. 91% of smartphone users turn to their phones for ideas while completing a task. Google has created a new breed of better informed customers, which means that marketers need to be on their toes when communicating with the public, as they’re savvier than ever. Information needs to be available online for your target audience, answering any questions they may want to know. Communications need to be integrated and consistent across all media. Immediate responses are crucial, and online purchase abilities preferential. Impulse purchase may be easier than ever before. On social media, buyer guards may also be lower – so the audience may be more receptive, as they browse. Buy buttons give you clear analytics and ROI figures. If you want to consider an e-commerce site for your business, or online sale advertising through social media, contact PSE to help guide you!

So would you award your company with medals in these areas? Are your staff covering all the bases and on top of digital trends, to ensure a mix, giving the best outcomes for your bottom line? If you’re company is not winning as much business as it could – talk to PSE to give you the competitive edge!


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