What’s all this talk about micro-moments?

30/07/2015 - Posted by Roshelle Curtis

Micro-moments were recently discussed by Rosie Baker in June 12’s AdNews. The article, “Intent is the battleground for brands on mobile: Google”, highlighted how Google claims demographic targeting is becoming less important for marketers developing a mobile strategy, to connect with consumers along the path to purchase. Since consumer journeys are more fragmented on mobile, marketers and advertisers should think gear things around intent and location for online interactions.

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Facebook’s share of ad revenue has increased, whilst Google’s has decreased, with increasing competition in the mobile space. Mobile has changed consumer behaviour, so interactions need to be based around moments when people use their mobile the most. This includes when they want to go somewhere, do something, know or buy – instead of targeting using traditional demographics, like age, gender and interests.

Searches on Google’s “Near me” function to find places nearby has increased 50 times in the last four years – signifying how crucial immediate content and information has become, when you’re on the move. Lisa Bora, Google’s Head of Mobile reinforces that the public lives online now. Micro-moments include when ‘I want to know’ something for answering questions, ‘I want to go’ moments for location, ‘I want to buy’, and ‘I want to do’ – which are now the battlegrounds for brands to stand out, and gain their market share.

Split second decisions aren’t being made around identity factors. Demographics are important cues, but more important is intent and location. Google launched a website dedicated to micro-moments in June to highlight mobile behaviour insights and shape the direction for marketers, since mobile has fractured the traditional consumer journey, where demographic targeting worked. If you’re trying to capture consumer attention to stand out and bring about action, then contact the experts at PSE, who can help with your online advertising and mobile strategy needs. Approach us today!

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