How can social media help business?

6/08/2015 - Posted by Roshelle Curtis

Is your company making the most of social media sites? Social media presence can not only help you reach new customers, but it allows you to interact with clients more personally than previously possible. Social media is the new word of mouth medium. Informal online “word of mouth” sees potential target audiences discuss products, share feedback, compare, admire, judge, purchase, and evaluate with peers (and peer pressure) more openly than ever before.

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The new word of mouth!

The digital realm reaches more of your target market globally, than was once conceivable, so it’s important to manage communications carefully. Communication and promotions can now go viral – which can have both a positive and negative impact – so do all you can to ensure a positive image is maintained. If you require assistance with your social media presence, consider PSE to help guide you through the minefields!

Target, reach and track more effectively!

Social media allows you a complete picture of end customers, so that you can directly engage them, often in an environment where their guard is lowered. Get to know your followers to gain greater insight into your market, to more effectively target your content, and social media updates. Posts can be monitored with statistics giving clear indications of topics that are better received than others. Ensure regular posts are made, and reach out to attract potential new clients.

Shorten sales cycles – whether PR, competitive advantage or capturing new market share!

If your competition doesn’t have social media – then it’s a great opportunity to give your company a competitive advantage, as you can capture the audience and share of the market. It also allows you to cultivate your followers, initiating dialogues with communities and groups, as a new PR arm for stakeholder interaction. You can also shorten your sales cycle using social media posts – almost like a new point of sale medium – to grab the attention of buyers on a whim, or those researching a planned purchase.

Stay top of mind casually, update regularly and respond!

Social media allows you to casually stay consistently in the line of sight of potential buyers, as they compare and search for products that match their price, quality or reliability needs – so be sure to remind them what you offer. That’s why it’s important to make sure you update your social media regularly to stay relevant – as lack of updating can be a sign of your service… or lack thereof! Gaining impressions and portraying a consistent image can pay off, when customers eventually need your services – so remain current, interesting, and at attention! Ensure you’re getting noticed, and converting those casual perusers into clients.

Convert those surfing – whilst reinforcing your brand image!

If you need to set up your social media, convey your brand image more professionally, or put sales campaign ideas in place, contact PSE for a quote on what we can provide. Make sure you’re making the most of social media channels and converting any untapped audience opportunities today!


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