Is Bad Website Design Holding You Back?

6/04/2016 - Posted by Emily Healey

With so much business now taking place online, it has become integral to have a fully functioning, actualised and informative website at the disposal of your clients and customers. This means having a website that has been designed with the modern user in mind using the latest language codes for optimum usability and accessibility. Your online presence represents your brand so relying on a website with an outdated design and appearance can damage that brand and result in the loss of potential business.

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If your website was built even just a couple of years ago it could be holding you back. Today’s websites are designed with user experience (UX) at the forefront. This is put into practice in a range of different ways but at its core it is focused on implementing design that enhances the pleasure and satisfaction of the user, in this case, your clients and customers. Where older website design focussed on providing information, the new focus is on making it as easy and enjoyable for customers to access that information in order to give them more incentive to spend time and money on your website and brand.

The other problem with a lot of older websites is that they weren’t designed with the mobile user in mind. This means that any customers coming to your website on a phone or tablet may be confronted with content that is incorrectly sized or positioned on their screen. Having a website that isn’t mobile friendly can also negatively impact your Google rankings, making it harder for people to find your business from their device. By switching to a design built using the latest language codes and with current technology in mind you can create a more intuitive and user-friendly website.

Another way your website could be letting you down is if it doesn’t offer the features and content that your customers actually want. This could mean anything from digitising product information and guides to opening an online store. Many customers will assume you provide certain content and features and if they discover you don’t that could potentially result in loss of business. Something as simple as an easy to find page with thorough contact details such as opening hours, phone numbers, addresses and any other any other frequently queried information can also make a huge difference.

The nature of business on the internet can be very competitive so you can’t afford to have your website holding you back. These days, if a customer has to jump through hoops to find a simple bit of information on your website, it can often leave them with a lasting negative impression associated with your brand. The risk of this is if the customer then chooses to simply move on to a business that offers a better online presence that meets their needs. Similarly, if two businesses offer almost identical content or services on their website, the one the customer stays with will often be determined by which is the most aesthetically pleasing and has the most emotionally resonant UX.

website, design, software, seo, blog, company, Perth, Pascoes
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