The Best of What Business Software Has to Offer

30/05/2016 - Posted by Emily Healey

Below are 10 common business software functions that can change the way you do business. Some people choose to have software built around a specific function while others opt for a combination of integrated features to simplify their business processes even more. When making the decision, it always helps to know what’s out there, so we’ve put together the best of what business software has to offer.

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1. Project Management
Project management software is designed to keep you on track and updated on the progress of your projects. You can create in-depth timelines, assign tasks, share files, brainstorm and more all within the software system.

2. Scheduling
Any business taking appointments, bookings or reservations should be taking advantage of scheduling software. Depending on your business’ needs this may include booking reminders, payment, upselling, job assignment, GPS integration or more.

3. Task Management
For freelancers or other flexibly employed staff, a task manager can be used as a work log so their employer can keep track of what they’re working on or how many hours they are doing. It can also be designed to be used as a daily planner, notebook, to-do list, or in any other way needed.

4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customer is king so it pays to have the software to help build the best relationship possible with customers. You can use a CRM system to store contact details, preferences and other information, but also to better engage customers, creating more customer satisfaction and business generated.

5. Point of Sale (POS)
There are many options for POS systems but first and foremost you’ll need to consider where sales will be taking place and if you need mobile compatibility. Then you need decide if your POS system should be integrated with other features such as CRM, scheduling, accounting or inventory tracking.

6. Document Management
Regardless of your paper use, it’s a good idea to have all documents digitally catalogued, safe and available. That’s where document management software comes in. It can be used to archive files, to facilitate file sharing or collaboration, and to securely protect any sensitive or private information.

7. Human Resources Management System (HRMS)
These systems are designed to manage the bulk of administrative HR tasks. They can hold employee profiles, timesheets, training materials or any other documents your HR department stores. Security should be a high priority when choosing an HRMS due to the nature of the information stored.

8. Accounting
No business should be without good accounting software. These are often scaled to the size of your business and sometime even business type. The other major consideration when choosing accounting software is the degree of integration you need with other business software systems.

9. Inventory Management
Not only does inventory management software make stocktaking and ordering easier, if integrated with your POS system, it can provide valuable insight into sales patterns based on time of day, customer profiles, season and more. It also allows you to track product loss due to breakage or theft.

10. Invoicing & Quotes
Invoicing and quoting software really simplifies these processes. A copy of the quote or invoice is sent to the customers email address so they never have to worry about losing it (great for warranty purposes) and including a payment link means they can pay directly from their phone or computer.

Depending on your business you may only use some of these features and that’s why it’s so important to choose the right software package. If you really want to get the most of your software, and your business, you should look into having a custom software system built specifically for you to ensure you end up with software that truly works for you.

website, design, software, seo, blog, company, Perth, Pascoes
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