Why You Should Embrace Automation, Not Fear It

24/06/2016 - Posted by Emily Healy

With the approaching election there has been a lot of talk about jobs and growth. With this conversation has come one particular issue that many people are uncertain about, that issue is automation. People are worried about losing their jobs to automated systems and while automation can take over certain tasks it can also create business growth which leads to more jobs being created in roles unsuitable to a machine. Naturally this is an important topic for business owners so we’ve put together a list of ways automation can help your business, including your employees, and encourage growth, leading to greater profits and more employment opportunities.

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Automation can make everything clearer. You will know who is responsible for which tasks, how much progress you have made on projects, what meaning you can attain from vast amounts of user and customer data, and all kinds of projections for your business based on what has come before whether that be future sales trends or potential shortfalls. If you ever feel like you’re taking too many gambles with your business decisions and want to gain back control and clarity, automation can help you do so.

With automation comes an inhuman level of accuracy. Some tasks are just safer in the hands of computers and for those tasks, it’s in the best interest of your business to take advantage of automation. Some kinds of data entry work and other manual processes don’t require decisions to be made, it’s just a matter of pulling information and performing the associated next step. If that’s the case, implementing an automated system can mean none of these tasks get forgotten, delayed or incorrectly processed. This is a real risk during repetitive or menial tasks where complacency often leads to errors which could cost your business big.

Automation both frees up time and keeps you on track. Once you have a clear view of how your business is running and have assigned tasks that don’t require manual, human skill to be processed automatically, your business can really start to grow. Many people fear losing their job to automation but in reality, automation can drive business growth. Organising your workflow with an automated system puts your business in the best position to work both faster and better. You’ll get more done with less hassle and both your customers and employees will be better for it.

While automation can seem daunting when it’s taking over tasks that used to be completed by a person, it doesn’t automatically mean employees will be replaced and lose their job. In truth, many businesses that embrace automative software, and enjoy the benefits listed above, are able to give their employees more responsibility, flexibility and creativity because employee time is freed up and analytics can reduce the amount of risk involved in starting new projects or trials. While just how far automation will take us is yet to be seen, right now the ways it is already helping businesses to grow and succeed are enormous.

website, design, software, seo, blog, company, Perth, Pascoes

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