Are you old school?

26/02/2015 - Posted by Roshelle Curtis

I’m not knocking old school – don’t get me wrong! I’m an 80’s child… and yes, 80’s has become old school! I love the music, the fashion – but let’s face it – there’s a time and place for leg warmers, Walkman’s (I shudder as youngin’s scratch their heads) and crimped hair (or is that back in). I digress – often I’m behind the times myself! But there are some areas you can’t afford to be too backwards in – say business! You’d be surprised how many small businesses are still paper based, unautomated or have unintegrated databases. Not a thriller, but a killer, especially for new gen employees/clients!

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With today’s mobile app integration, and systems that combine all aspects of your business into one, it’s easy to seamlessly complete business on the run! Business Advancer for instance links job info to on-site personnel, helping track their location and progress – colour coding each job’s status with GPS overviews daily, to give you complete insight to update you on work and productivity. Supplier lists can be merged into the system, so
materials required for jobs can be recorded, compiling PO’s with materials not on stock, which can be emailed to your closest supplier. You can even use it for marketing campaigns to track the most successful, check which suburb has the strongest clientele, plan where you would like to proceed with your marketing. Customers can even sign off work directly on the mobiles of your on-site staff (digital signature field), so you can email invoices directly to customers, and view the full invoice and payment history of each job.

Those Back to the Future times are not far off – so if you’re still rocking paper – think of the trees, and the time you could save. Let technology work for you. Spend a little money, to make big progress!


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