IT or not IT – that is the question!

5/03/2015 - Posted by Roshelle Curtis

Things are tight for small business at the moment. Cost cutting is happening across the board for companies large and small. Some firms are outsourcing entire arms of their organisations in an attempt to cut costs. It’s like the trend towards casual staff in the current environment... Corporations are refusing to commit – or prefer to pay freelance, as needed, per project.

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IT is becoming one of those areas. People can’t always afford to sustain the cost of these professionals internally. That’s where companies like IT2You come in! Imagine, having someone on call – to drive out to your business, within a couple of hours, if you have an IT issues. Sometimes even internal staff can’t respond that quickly (depending on their workload)! Now picture having this service for your business – for free! What – you say? Yes, you heard me – for free!

IT2You is currently offering a free three month trial to new potential business subscription clients, to help showcase what they can expect. If you’ve been burnt by fly-by-night operators IT2You hopes to put your mind at ease, by providing their business IT services at no cost initially. That’s no call out fee, and their time free – as often as required, in the first three months.

Aside from services, IT2You can also quote you on your hardware needs. And if you find you’re happy with their services (after your free trial) – then they can brief you on their monthly maintenance plans available – which may offer you a more cost-effective option long-term, if you’ve shed your IT staff, or want a more affordable alternate to your current supplier.

Remember it’s all about being proactive – not reactive with IT. Let IT2You come to your premises today or troubleshoot your needs over the phone. Have IT2You showcase their skills over the next three months – to prove the best things in life can be free!


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