GPS Tracking

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How can GPS tracking benefit your company?

GPS technology can be used as a monitoring and forecasting tool to optimise your operation and improve performance. GPS systems also provide security and tracking on personnel and high value items such as vehicles or assets.

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GPS tracking, GPS locating, asset tracking, vehicle tracking, Perth, Pascoes

Vehicle Tracking

GPS tracking, GPS locating, asset tracking, vehicle tracking, Perth, Pascoes
Live GPS tracking eliminates the need for you or your team to spend time recording mileage for reimbursements like fuel. Our system automates the process and provides streamline reporting, allowing easy calculations for vehicles used. Precise, real time vehicle location and mileage data ensures nothing is forgotten, all is monitored, and staff are paid accurately for work related use.

Additional sensors can be added for an extra fee, which monitor when doors or fridges are opened – for those industries that may feature temperature sensitive storage or delivery requirements. Likewise, for personal, taxi or security related vehicles, SOS buttons can be added to alert assistance. Aside from these options, features or sensors can be customised to suit any industry specific needs.

GPS Set up & Software

When we set up GPS trackers, we can include additional customised options depending on your industry or needs. You can set destinations, send coordinates, and provide your team with the fastest routes to eliminate overtime, reduce fuel usage, and improve customer satisfaction, as their needs are met quicker.

This tracking software can show the strengths and weaknesses of team members – allowing you to tailor assignments accordingly. For instance, it can provide a detailed on-site report showing you how much time the sales team spends with each customer. This assists you to analyse staff efficiency, and train with the tactics of your best people, to assist those not performing as well.

GPS tracking units also allow territories to be better managed, as geo-fences can be set up when monitoring locations. Regional zones can be established and employees will receive instant notifications if they venture outside their area.
GPS tracking, GPS locating, asset tracking, vehicle tracking, Perth, Pascoes

Protect your personnel

GPS tracking, GPS locating, asset tracking, vehicle tracking, Perth, Pascoes
Tracking employees or remote workers can have numerous OHS benefits, including the SOS button and optional features available for safety protocols. Team members no longer have to verify their activities as the GPS unit records their movements and accounts for their daily activity.

GPS software helps field workers avoid delays due to heavy traffic, road accidents or construction, so they arrive to destinations on time. It assists with locating the vehicles best placed for urgent requests – as it allows fleet controllers to find the nearest staff member and re-route them. Real time tracking updates help you to better manage your mobile team, as you can see how much time they spend with each client, how frequently they are visited, and detect any customers who have been accidentally missed, therefore improving your company’s customer service.

Machinery & equipment

Many in the fleet industry are embracing tracking systems, but the data and HSE features are now also being welcomed by companies who have staff, machinery, or assets on the ground. Whether it be trades, sales, security, mining, construction and agricultural sectors. Gain the support of this software, and be assured that your expensive equipment stays safe and where it’s meant to be. Track your heavy equipment's safety, progress, inventory and coverage on large farming properties or mine sites.

GPS tracking systems provide analytics and reports that allow you to identify the methods of your best producers, set performance benchmarks, and guide the team as to the best practices. For drivers, often this system is preferred as they receive less calls on the road and get direct routes, saving your company time and money.

If your firm is looking to gain a competitive edge, then look no further than GPS technology to simplify processes, increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer service, whilst boosting business operations and sales.

*Price includes one GPS unit
GPS tracking, GPS locating, asset tracking, vehicle tracking, Perth, Pascoes




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